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Updated Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

DIVER04.GIF (27036 bytes)Welcome from the Jacksonville Scubanauts Dive Club!

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July Meeting

Please note:Our scheduled July 8th meeting will once again take place via Zoom video web conference vs. as a physical meeting. The social meeting will start at 6:00pm with the business portion beginning at 6:30pm. The link to join was mailed out by Beth earlier this month. If you didn't get it, contact Beth or any Scubanauts officer. (We are not posting the link here due to the possibility of "Zoom bombing" incidents).

Normally our meetings are held the second Wednesday in each month. Please note that our meeting place has changed from past years and most of our meetings are now at the Mediterrania Restaurant at 3877 Baymeadows Rd. They do have a private room reserved for us that suits us well. Socializing begins at 6:00pm with the actual meeting starting at 6:30pm. Visitors are always welcome!

Our 2020 return trip to Coco View Resort in Roatan, Honduras - scheduled July 4-11, 2020 - has been rescheduled to May 15th thru 22nd, 2021 due to multiple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coco View's Facebook page ("CocoView Divers") recently said that the resort was planning to re-open from their Covid-19 suspension in August but that date has now been postponed. Much of the resort's staff has been temporarily laid off except a small skeleton staff to maintain physical security at the resort and perform ongoing equipment maintenance. The Scubanauts have established a fund to donate money for those laid-off CoCoView. Donations can be sent via our PayPal account (see Vicky for details).

CoCoView's regular website has still not been updated to include any mention of the virus' impact.

Our area has lost yet another public dive boat. Atlantic Pro Dive was running charters booked on a 28 foot power catamaran named "Sweet Lips"; which was primarily a fishing charter boat.

We were told today that Sweet Lips's owner is now booking enough fishing business that Atlantic was unable to get enough availability slots to keep this partnership going; at least for the present. They are, though, exploring running a dive boat operation of their own. We'll keep you up to date as we get more information.

Florida's scallop season is open now. Lobster mini season this year is from July 29-30.

The only current local public dive boat option we're aware of involves chartering a whole boat as a group of up to 4 divers. The St. Augustine dive shop "The Dive Source" is located near the off-price malls near the intersection of I-95 and 16.

They operate a pair of 26-foot Grady White power catamarans; each running twin gas outboards. Their charters are for the whole boat and can accommodate up to 4 divers for trips with the shop providing a Dive Master. For more information please see our page on Jacksonville Area diving.

We do need a couple of smaller trips throughout 2019.

Some suggestions we've been kicking around:

  • West Palm Beach—easy to get to and there is always a Blue Heron Bridge
  • Pompano beach
  • Keys with Florida Keys Dive Center?
  • Kayaking trip
Please consider running a club trip; it is fun diving with your friends! Be thinking about what trip destinations you'd like to see in the coming year. At our last meeting, members had tentatively volunteered to organize trips to Palm Beach and the northern Florida Keys, but it is too early for anything specific regarding those destinations. See the Activities Page for information on all Scubanauts activities! Don't let the best of club diving pass you by!

Our Photo Gallery has portfolios from members as well as photos from our contests and arties. We're still looking for more material for the Photo Gallery. Check out the submissions so far! Members, send in some for your own page.

There are still some Scubanauts logo shirts and caps left from our last order. So if you didn't get want you wanted, check with Scott to see what stock remains.

The coveted Golden Copralite award is being held by Bill "CrawDaddy" Crawford. Please pass word of any future discretion to Bill so he can help others experience the pleasure of this award.

Few recent dive reports could be found for offshore Jax. The sites we used to rely on for current conditions information are no longer being updated. We did get a report of dive conditions this week "30 miles offshore" being 15 ft. 'vis and 62 degrees on the bottom.

For our members who like to spearfish, there is important news. The group "Our Florida Reefs" is pushing very hard to near totally prohibit all spearfishing while on scuba. (The sole exception is to hunt lionfish). This proposal is very near being passed into formal regulation. So any members who have a strong opinion on this need to get involved very quickly and let your state representatives know how you feel. Click here to see a .PDF of their draft proposed regulation.

We've all been following the OCEARCH Great White Shark satellite radio tagging program which has been operating in the waters offshore Jax periodically for some time now. News reports are saying that the Jacksonville's Mayport docks will become the home port for their research boat. The city will build new docks for their vessel and will provide two historic buildings that will become the organization's home base.

In honor of this decision, a great white recently tagged 40 miles off Mayport was given the name "Miss May" in the Ocearch registry.

If you want to follow one of the specific tagged sharks which has been in the local news recently, here is the procedure. This example is for following "Katherine", the large female that has been sighted multiple times recently by divers off the Florida Keys; including being video'd by a dive team off the wreck of the Duane offshore Key Largo. At this writing, her satellite tracker's last "ping" was near the edge of the Continental Shelf east of the border between North and South Carolina.

  To follow Katherine's - or any other tracked shark's - travels:

  • Open your web browser and point to the OCEARCH Global Tracker website
  • Enter the shark's name (“Katherine”) into the field titled “Sharks” in the filter box to the left
  • Click the blue “Update” button
  • View where Katherine is in realtime

Newcomers, come check our membership pages to find out more about joining the Scubanauts!

If you have any ideas for speakers, please let your officers know. We always need new ideas!

Missed the last meeting? See the minutes of last month's meeting.


For the most current Scubanauts event updates, please visit us at a membership meeting!

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

See the newsletter or click the Mediterrania Restaurant address link for directions!

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